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Discover the exclusive Keller Trading x SwissKubik collaboration: an exceptional pair of gloves to accompany your automatic watch winder.

Just like our accessories, this pair of gloves demonstrates exceptional manufacturing quality.

Gants Haute Couture en microfibreGants Haute Couture en microfibre

Unique composition

Each knit yarn is made up of microfilaments 100 times finer than a human hair, which gently remove impurities and trap dust, keeping them inside the fibres without redepositing them.

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Entretien remontoir à montre : gants en microfibre

Making excellence our standard

True to our commitment to Swiss craftsmanship and excellence, we have decided to join forces with the world leader in microfibre since 1991, Keller Trading, to create this pair of Haute Couture gloves that will make every handling of your timepieces a special experience, imbued with emotion and elegance.

Our shared vision of making excellence our standard has led us to subject our products to rigorous controls at every stage of production. Just like our accessories, this pair of gloves bears witness to exceptional manufacturing quality.