What’s the difference between the Startbox and Masterbox automatic watch winders?

While both are designed to protect your timepiece and keep it on time, the Masterbox and Startbox automatic watch winders differ in their design and functionality:

  • Startbox: Measuring 11 x 11 x 11 cm, this perfect cube stands out for its ease of use, operating as soon as it is switched on. With a rotation cycle of 1,200 revolutions per day, the Startbox winder is suitable for most automatic watches.

  • Masterbox: With advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, this winder allows you to customise rotation cycles according to your desired use via our app (with a standard cycle of 1,200 revolutions per day). With each winder measuring 10 x 10 x 10 cm, the Masterbox is available in a wide range of materials, and can fit 1 to 12 watches depending on the model.

Completely transportable, both the Startbox and Masterbox watch winders operate on batteries, meaning you can store yours wherever you want – even in a safe.

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How do I replace the batteries in my SwissKubik automatic watch winder?

To ensure optimal operation of your SwissKubik watch winder, battery replacement must be carried out carefully. Follow these simple steps:

  • Access to the battery compartment: Use a coin change to unscrew the battery cover screw. Remove it gently to access the batteries.

  • Removing and installing new batteries: Remove the used batteries. Then place the two new batteries (Type C 1.5 volt, we recommend the use of the Procell Duracell model due to its quality) in the housings provided for this purpose, taking great care to respect the polarities (+/-). This is crucial to avoid any damage to your rotating display case.

  • Closing the battery compartment: Put the cover back on the battery compartment and tighten the screw with a coin to secure the battery cover.

By following these instructions you will ensure that your watch winder works reliably and securely. If you experience any difficulties or need additional assistance, please review our troubleshooting guide or contact our customer service.

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How do I choose an automatic watch holder?

For your automatic watch to fit into the winder properly, you'll need to choose the right sized watch holder. To choose the most suitable size for your automatic watch, we recommend checking the size guide when making your order.

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How do I connect my Masterbox automatic watch winder to my phone?

Our Masterbox automatic watch winder can be connected via Bluetooth to our mobile app. When you turn on your Masterbox winder, the Bluetooth activates automatically. To connect your case, prepare your Bluetooth settings page on your phone in advance and then turn on your Masterbox winder.
The Bluetooth of your Masterbox remains active for 2 minutes after turning on your watch winder and then automatically turns off after these 2 minutes to preserve the battery life.

When the Masterbox name appears under your available devices, click on it to connect.

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How do I fit my watch onto a SwissKubik automatic watch winder?

To make sure our products function correctly, your automatic watch needs to be correctly positioned in the winder. Make sure it is placed vertically at 12 o'clock, facing you, with a minimum tilt angle of 43.5 degrees.

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What is the protective glass for?

The protective glass plays an essential role. It gives your automatic watch added security, protecting it from potential shocks when storing your winder.

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How do I look after my SwissKubik automatic watch winder?

Each material on your automatic watch winder is manufactured with a specific treatment. This treatment helps protect the materials on your winder so that it can support your timepiece over the long term. However, we do recommend avoiding detergents: if you'd like to clean your automatic watch winder, use a damp cloth.

Be careful about exposing your winder to extreme conditions such as heat, humidity or sharp temperature changes, as these factors could compromise its functionality. Finally, be sure to store your watch winder in an appropriate location, avoiding anywhere you wouldn’t leave your automatic watch.

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How does the power supply work in SwissKubik automatic watch winders?

The power supply for your SwissKubik automatic watch winder will depend on the model you own.

  • Startbox: This winder runs exclusively on batteries (2 C 1.5 volt alkaline batteries - we recommend using Duracell Procell batteries for their quality.)

  • Masterbox: Offering greater power versatility, this winder runs either on mains power or batteries (2 C 1.5 volt alkaline batteries - as with the Startbox, we recommend using Duracell Procell batteries, but others brands also work). The Masterbox demonstrates built-in intelligence by automatically detecting a mains power source: when plugged in, it automatically switches to mains power, preserving its battery life. Similarly, as soon as the watch winder is unplugged from the mains, it automatically resumes battery operation for uninterrupted use.
    Please note that the USB-C port is a simple power supply used to plug your watch winder into the mains; it cannot be used to recharge batteries. It can also be used to programme your winder via our Mac/Windows app.

Whether you opt for the Startbox or Masterbox automatic watch winder, we recommend that you do not use rechargeable batteries.

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What is the ideal number of revolutions for an automatic watch?

Most watches need 1,000 to 1,500 revolutions per day to function properly.

Our Startbox automatic watch winder performs 1,200 revolutions per day, meeting the requirements for most watches. However, if your watch has more specific needs, we recommend the Masterbox winder. Configured to perform 1,200 revolutions per day, the Masterbox has advanced features so that you can customise rotation cycles (the number of daily revolutions and direction of rotation) depending on the requirements of your automatic watch.

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How long is the warranty on my SwissKubik watch winder?

All SwissKubik products have a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you notice any faults during this period, please contact us via contact@swisskubik.com, giving details about the issue and attaching photos if necessary.

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How do automatic watches work?

An automatic watch operates on kinetic energy generated by the wearer's wrist movements, which gets stored in the mainspring. For more details, see our article on how automatic watches work.

The glass is especially useful when keeping your Swisskubik automatic watch winder in a safe, as it stays protected from direct impact with any objects that could prevent it from working correctly.

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How long does delivery take?

We do our best to deliver your order within 7 days. If there is a problem with the delivery of your SwissKubik products, please feel free to contact us at contact@swisskubik.com.

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Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, there is a withdrawal period of 7 days. Once you receive your order, you can return it to us at your expense. We will issue a refund or exchange, according to your wishes, within 48 hours of receiving your package back at our factory.

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What should I do if I haven’t received my order?

When your automatic watch winder or accessory order is ready for delivery, we will send you a tracking link. You can use the link to follow the progress of your delivery. If you haven’t received your order after 7 days, we recommend that you contact us at contact@swisskubik.com, including your order number in your message.

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