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Exceptional expertise in automatic watch winders for over 15 years

PreservationOur automatic watch winders imitate natural wrist movements, ensuring that the internal parts of your timepieces stay lubricated and the delicate mechanism’s longevity is preserved.

PunctualityWhen it is not being worn, self-winding mechanical watches tend to lose precision. By keeping the calibre in motion, our watch winders guarantee that your timepiece stays precisely on time.

PresentationWith meticulous design and kinematics from the rotation cycles, our winders are a dynamic way of showcasing your automatic watch and its unique qualities.

Watch winder Startbox

True design objects for your home in their own right, our Startbox watch winders are perfectly modular: select your desired colour and arrange them as you wish, stacked or separate.

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Watch winder Masterbox

The ideal solution for keeping all your watches in the same place, our Masterbox winders can accommodate up to 12 watches: an essential accessory that perfectly meets your needs.

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SwissKubik: High-tech watch winders

An essential accessory for watch collectors, our automatic watch winders are a culmination of the latest technology. Each one is fitted with a sixth generation motor to keep the oscillating weight on your watch in motion, and to preserve its mechanism by preventing the oils from congealing to resin.

At the heart of our winders are innovation and precision. To achieve the precision of the most demanding watches, our winders are fitted with a mirror effect optical reader. This advanced technology allows you to set the exact number of revolutions by your SwissKubik watch winder, so that it responds with perfect precision to the needs of every watch.

With battery power and a perfect cube design, our automatic watch winders are transportable without compromising on style. They are designed to be stored easily in a safe, as an ideal solution to keep your watch secure without it stopping.

Our Philosophy

The art of winding: Preserving your automatic watch

Self-winding mechanical watches work via a complex mechanism using the kinetic energy generated by the wearer’s wrist movements. As such, for this type of watch to keep telling the time accurately and steadily, it needs to be worn regularly. By reproducing natural wrist movements, our watch winders regularly supply energy to the balance wheel which controls the gear speed, maintaining the precision of your watch when it is not being worn.
While most automatic watches can be wound by hand with the crown, a winder helps avoid any potential handling errors that can arise with screw down crowns, for example. Our winders guarantee confidence and peace of mind for every watch enthusiast.

Your bespokewatch winder

Available in a range of materials (wood, leather, aluminium, carbon, SoftTouch coating, and more) and a variety of colourways, from muted to bright, our automatic watch winders match every style, from quintessentially classic to the most contemporary. Available in several sizes, our winders can accommodate 1 to 12 automatic watches: the ideal accessory for enthusiastic collectors. Discover our custom design options and create a SwissKubik automatic watch winder that reflects you.


Extraordinary collaborations

The expertise and commitment to excellence at Maison SwissKubik make our automatic watch winders stand out, especially when it comes to our limited edition models designed through extraordinary collaborations. These limited collections merge art and watchmaking, culminating in unique pieces.

More than a piece of equipment, each winder is a design object in its own right, making it the perfect accessory even as it preserves your timepiece.

  • Entretien remontoir à montre : gants en microfibre
  • SwissKubik x Alphega Malletier : remontoir montre automatique design

Travelbox travel cases

Designed for nomads, the Travelbox case allows you take your automatic watch on your travels without a care in the world. With its rounded shape and compact dimensions (20 x 7 x 12 cm), it can be slipped easily into your luggage.

And once you've arrived at your destination, the winding module in the Travelbox case keeps your watch perfectly on time. Incorporating the latest technical innovations such as Bluetooth connectivity, our travel winder is an essential accessory for automatic watch owners on the move.


Travelbox : étui de voyage pour montre automatique
SwissKubik : remontoir à montre Masterbox & Startbox

Masterbox & Startbox automatic watch winders

With its advanced features, the Masterbox is the ultimate in automatic watch winders. Configured to perform 1,200 revolutions per day (600 in each direction), our mobile app can be used to customise the number of revolutions and direction of rotation according to your watch requirements.
Available in a range of materials and with different capacity options, the Masterbox is a must-have accessory for every watch collector.

Renowned for its ease of use, the Startbox automatic watch winder ensures optimal winding with a rotation cycle of 1,200 revolutions per day (600 clockwise, 600 anticlockwise).
Available in an array of colours, our Startbox is ideal for all beginner enthusiasts looking for a winder that is simple and efficient in nature.


Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between the Startbox and Masterbox automatic watch winders?

While both are designed to protect your timepiece and keep it on time, the Masterbox and Startbox automatic watch winders differ in their design and functionality:

  • Startbox: Measuring 11 x 11 x 11 cm, this perfect cube stands out for its ease of use, operating as soon as it is switched on. With a rotation cycle of 1,200 revolutions per day, the Startbox winder is suitable for most automatic watches.
  • Masterbox: With advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, this winder allows you to customise rotation cycles according to your desired use via our app (with a standard cycle of 1,200 revolutions per day). With each winder measuring 10 x 10 x 10 cm, the Masterbox is available in a wide range of materials, and can fit 1 to 12 watches depending on the model.
    Completely transportable, both the Startbox and Masterbox watch winders operate on batteries, meaning you can store yours wherever you want – —even in a safe.

Completely transportable, both the Startbox and Masterbox watch winders operate on batteries, meaning you can store yours wherever you want – —even in a safe.

What is the ideal number of revolutions for an automatic watch?

Most watches need 1,000 to 1,500 revolutions per day to function properly.

Our Startbox automatic watch winder performs 1,200 revolutions per day, meeting the requirements for most watches. However, if your watch has more specific needs, we recommend the Masterbox winder. Configured to perform 1,200 revolutions per day, the Masterbox has advanced features so that you can customise rotation cycles (the number of daily revolutions and direction of rotation) depending on the requirements of your automatic watch.

How do I fit my watch onto a SwissKubik automatic watch winder?

To make sure our products function correctly, your automatic watch needs to be correctly positioned in the winder. Make sure it is placed vertically at 12 o'clock, facing you, with a minimum tilt angle of 43.5 degrees.

How long is the warranty on my SwissKubik watch winder?

All SwissKubik products have a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you notice any faults during this period, please contact us via contact@swisskubik.com, giving details about the issue and attaching photos if necessary.

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A product for watch enthusiasts

Ideal for watch collectors, the SwissKubik automatic watch winder features a rotating motor which protects your timepieces by replicating the movements of your wrist.


Remontoir à montre automatique : pour les passionés d'horlogerie

Protect the longevity of your timepiece

The stability of the precision of this type of watch lies mainly in the frequency with which it is worn. By reproducing the natural movements of the wrist, our rotating cases make it possible to regularly supply energy to the balance wheel that controls the speed of the gears, thus maintaining the watch's precision when it is not being worn.

By reproducing the natural movements of the wrist, our watch winders regularly supply energy to the balance wheel, which controls the speed of the gears and thus maintains the precision of the watch when it is not being worn.


Our different types of automatic watch winders