Our Philosophy

Since its beginnings in Geneva in 2007, SwissKubik has been committed to innovating in the field of automatic watch winders. Steeped in the Swiss watchmaking tradition and motivated by the desire to innovate, the company's founders began to offer small, stand-alone watch winders.

Remontoir à montre automatique de haute technologie

Innovative SwissKubik watch winders at the cutting edge of watchmaking technology

Our automatic watch winders feature a motor that is quiet, low-magnetism and energy efficient. Each winder has an exceptional battery life of three years, meaning that it can easily be kept in a safe or transported.

In 2019, we took another major step forward, launching our first watch winders with Bluetooth technology. Through the dedicated app, SwissKubik watch winder owners can easily set their desired programme, adjust the light, check the battery status, and much more.

With the unique programming system on the Masterbox and Travelbox automatic watch winders the number of revolutions and direction of rotation can be configured precisely to meet the needs of the owner’s watch.

And for watch lovers on the go, we created the Travelbox rotating travel case: a storage case and winder in one product. Travelbox takes care of your automatic watches wherever you travel, keeping them protected and on time.

Swiss excellence applied to the art of automatic watch winders

Just like the watches inspiring their design, SwissKubik automatic watch winders enjoy the expertise and precision for which Switzerland is famous. Assembled entirely by hand in our factory, they are Swiss excellence manifest. Our winders are a reliable solution for maintaining the power reserve on your self-winding mechanical watches, while elegantly showing each piece in its best light. Experience Swiss quality and standards with SwissKubik.

Our approach has led us to create products that meet the requirements of the most sophisticated clients. The most prestigious Swiss Maisons recommend our automatic watch winders, and have become regular collaborators.

To meet every need and aesthetic, SwissKubik watch winders are available in a wide range of materials, from leather and aluminium to wood and carbon, as well as in an array of colours.

We also offer full customisation, including printing patterns, logos or photographs on any material offered.

Remontoir à montre automatique Swiss Made

Meeting the Swiss Made quality mark

SwissKubik is renowned for its commitment to the environment. In compliance with the Swiss Made quality mark, and to limit our carbon footprint, all our suppliers are selected within a radius of 50 kilometres around our Givisiez manufacture in the canton of Fribourg.