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  • Haute Couture Gloves SwissKubik X Keller Trading
  • Haute Couture Gloves SwissKubik X Keller Trading
  • Haute Couture Gloves SwissKubik X Keller Trading
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Designed specifically for watch enthusiasts, our SwissKubik Haute Couture microfiber gloves represent the pinnacle of softness and efficiency for the care of your precious automatic watches. The result of a meticulous collaboration with Keller Trading, these gloves are made from a refined blend of polyester and knitted nylon, providing delicate contact and effective absorption for the care of your timepieces.

  • Unique size
  • Colors: exclusive Cool Grey
  • Composition: 50% polyester / 50% knitted nylon
  • Applications: polishing, presentation, handling
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SwissKubik microfiber gloves embody the union of haute watchmaking and haute couture. Designed in collaboration with Keller Trading, these gloves reflect an unwavering commitment to excellence and precision. Each pair is made from the finest microfiber, carefully selected and knitted. With a balanced composition of 50% polyester and 50% nylon, these gloves promise exceptional durability and unrivaled efficiency in polishing and presenting watches and other valuables.

Our Haute Couture gloves are distinguished by their soft texture and their ability to absorb impurities without leaving residue. Their unique formula, often imitated but never equalled, allows effective absorption of dust and dirt particles, ensuring delicate care of your precious possessions. The high-density microfiber absorbs liquids and fatty deposits easily, making these gloves ideal for handling and presenting objects of art, fine watchmaking, and even for the most prestigious tables.

The result of the collaboration with Keller Trading, each glove undergoes rigorous quality controls at each stage of its production. From the choice of raw material to the final inspection, every detail is scrutinized to guarantee zero-defect quality. Rigorous independent laboratory tests ensure the non-corrosiveness of the textile to precious metals and the conservation of its qualities over time. These gloves, available in Cool Grey, offer a refined aesthetic and blend harmoniously into any environment.

Gant en microfibre : entretien remontoir à montre automatique

Unique composition

Each knit yarn is made up of microfilaments 100 times finer than a human hair, which gently remove impurities and trap dust, keeping them inside the fibres without redepositing them.

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Entretien remontoir à montre : gants en microfibre

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