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  • Remontoir montre automatique : Startbox 1 montre Soft Touch Noir
  • Startbox 1 montre Soft Touch Noir : écrin rotatif pour montre automatique
  • SwissKubik : remontoir montre automatique Startbox Soft Touch Noir 1 montre
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Proud to bear the Swiss Made label, the Startbox Black Soft Touch Single Watch Winder is designed to keep your automatic watch moving when you're not wearing it. With a rotating motor that simulates wrist movements, our winder prevents the mechanism on your watch from jamming. With an understated cube design, this automatic watch winder fits perfectly into any room, making it both functional and aesthetically satisfying.
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Soft Touch

0.96 kg


11x11x11 cm

1 watch

Power supply
2 LR14 / 1.5 V batteries (C)

3 years



Hand-crafted in Switzerland, the Startbox Black Soft Touch Single Watch Winder is a tribute to Swiss expertise and fine watchmaking: an essential piece for automatic watch lovers.

Between each rotation cycle, the Startbox Watch Winder pauses so that the mainspring can relax: an important step that offers optimal maintenance for the mechanism.

With a tactile matt finish, our Soft Touch material is the ideal modern choice for looking after your automatic watches.

Startbox Noir : écrin rotatif pour montre automatique design

Protect the longevity of your timepiece

Designed to protect the longevity of your timepiece, our automatic watch winders activate the oscillating weight of your watch, ensuring that its movement is continuously and evenly lubricated. Designed to simulate your wrist movements, our winders keep your watches running smoothly when you're not wearing them. Combining advanced technology and timeless elegance, our ingenious system ensures that the internal parts stay lubricated, preserving them to ensure longevity.

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Ecrin rotatif pour montre automatique : Startbox noir

Approved and used by major watch brands

Committed to excellence, we put reliability and performance at the top of our priorities. This is why our watch winders are approved and used by the largest Swiss watch brands. Meeting Swiss Made quality standards, our winders for automatic watches are hand-assembled in our Givisiez factory. An essential accessory for any watch enthusiast, our winders are renowned for their silent motor, robustness and performance. Led by our desire to preserve the Swiss watchmaking tradition, we pay particular attention to details: every step in the manufacturing process is driven by extreme rigour and our love of a job well done. Equipped with advanced technology, our winders fit the most prestigious automatic watches, approved and used by the largest watch Maisons.

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Remontoir pour montre automatique automatique en noir


Remontoir à montre automatique design et minimalisteRemontoir à montre automatique design et minimaliste

With their minimalist design our watch winders are designed to be placed anywhere: wireless, they even work in a safe.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between the Startbox and Masterbox automatic watch winders?

While both are designed to protect your timepiece and keep it on time, the Masterbox and Startbox automatic watch winders differ in their design and functionality:

  • Startbox: Measuring 11 x 11 x 11 cm, this perfect cube stands out for its ease of use, operating as soon as it is switched on. With a rotation cycle of 1,200 revolutions per day, the Startbox winder is suitable for most automatic watches.
  • Masterbox: With advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, this winder allows you to customise rotation cycles according to your desired use via our app (with a standard cycle of 1,200 revolutions per day). With each winder measuring 10 x 10 x 10 cm, the Masterbox is available in a wide range of materials, and can fit 1 to 12 watches depending on the model.
    Completely transportable, both the Startbox and Masterbox watch winders operate on batteries, meaning you can store yours wherever you want – —even in a safe.

Completely transportable, both the Startbox and Masterbox watch winders operate on batteries, meaning you can store yours wherever you want – —even in a safe.

How do I choose an automatic watch holder?

For your automatic watch to fit into the winder properly, you'll need to choose the right sized watch holder. To choose the most suitable size for your automatic watch, we recommend checking the size guide when making your order.

What is the ideal number of revolutions for an automatic watch?

Most watches need 1,000 to 1,500 revolutions per day to function properly.

Our Startbox automatic watch winder performs 1,200 revolutions per day, meeting the requirements for most watches. However, if your watch has more specific needs, we recommend the Masterbox winder. Configured to perform 1,200 revolutions per day, the Masterbox has advanced features so that you can customise rotation cycles (the number of daily revolutions and direction of rotation) depending on the requirements of your automatic watch.

How do I fit my watch onto a SwissKubik automatic watch winder?

To make sure our products function correctly, your automatic watch needs to be correctly positioned in the winder. Make sure it is placed vertically at 12 o'clock, facing you, with a minimum tilt angle of 43.5 degrees.

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Grounded in Swiss watchmaking expertise, Startbox watch winders are faithful companions for your automatic watches. Discover our range of colours and choose the model you want to keep your watches protected.

  • Programmed to perform 1,200 rotations per day (600 clockwise, 600 anticlockwise)
  • At the end of winding, the watch is positioned perfectly at 12 o'clock
  • Available in a variety of colours