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Designed for nomads, the Travelbox is the ideal accessory for people who take their automatic watches on the move. The 2-in-1 design is a helpful companion on every step of your journey. When you're on the go, the case keeps your watch protected. Once at your destination, the winding module keeps your watch well looked after and functioning correctly. This travel winder incorporates SwissKubik technology, a favourite among the leading watchmaking brands, making it a true guardian angel for your automatic watch on all your travels.
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1.0 kg


20x7x12 cm

1 watch

Power supply
rechargeable battery via USB Type-C

3 years

Via USB Type-C and/or Bluetooth


True to our values, we’ve chosen leather for our Travelbox: a natural, resistant, attractive material that keeps your automatic watch protected wherever you go.

With USB-C and Bluetooth connectivity, the Travelbox lets you customise rotation cycles easily via our mobile app to suit the needs of your watch.

Our ingenious system means that the same watch holder can be used for both storage and winding. Minimal handling needed when you arrive at your destination, and again as you leave. The rounded shape and neat dimensions (20 x 7 x 12cm) allow the Travelbox to be slipped easily into your luggage or hotel room safe.

Etui rotatif bleu marine

Perfectly precise

With an optical reader that allows you to count the number of revolutions, our watch winders can precisely meet the energy needs of your watches. Each part that makes up our automatic watch winders is the result of rigorous work, and subject to demanding, meticulous quality control. A true technological innovation, the optical reader on each of our winders counts the exact number of revolutions made, ensuring remarkable precision throughout the winding process. We also take care that our watch winders only cause a very slight magnetic influence on the watches they protect, maintaining their precision.

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SwissKubik : étui rotatif montre design bleu marine

Approved and used by major watch brands

Committed to excellence, we put reliability and performance at the top of our priorities. This is why our watch winders are approved and used by the largest Swiss watch brands. Meeting Swiss Made quality standards, our winders for automatic watches are hand-assembled in our Givisiez factory. An essential accessory for any watch enthusiast, our winders are renowned for their silent motor, robustness and performance. Led by our desire to preserve the Swiss watchmaking tradition, we pay particular attention to details: every step in the manufacturing process is driven by extreme rigour and our love of a job well done. Equipped with advanced technology, our winders fit the most prestigious automatic watches, approved and used by the largest watch Maisons.

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Ecrin rotatif : étui de voyage pour montre Travelbox bleu marine

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Frequently asked questions

How do automatic watches work?

An automatic watch operates on kinetic energy generated by the wearer's wrist movements, which gets stored in the mainspring. For more details, see our article on how automatic watches work.

How long is the warranty on my SwissKubik watch winder?

All SwissKubik products have a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you notice any faults during this period, please contact us via, giving details about the issue and attaching photos if necessary.

What is the ideal number of revolutions for an automatic watch?

Most watches need 1,000 to 1,500 revolutions per day to function properly.

Our Startbox automatic watch winder performs 1,200 revolutions per day, meeting the requirements for most watches. However, if your watch has more specific needs, we recommend the Masterbox winder. Configured to perform 1,200 revolutions per day, the Masterbox has advanced features so that you can customise rotation cycles (the number of daily revolutions and direction of rotation) depending on the requirements of your automatic watch.

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Take SwissKubik technology and expertise everywhere you go with our Travelbox: an essential case for those going places with their watch. Discover our different colourways: whether you opt for blue or black, choose the travel watch winder that best matches your travel accessories.

  • Swiss Made manufacture
  • 2-in-1 case: protects your watch and keeps it on time
  • Understated, elegant design