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  • Remontoir montre automatique : Masterbox 8 montres Aluminium Noir
  • Masterbox 8 montres Aluminium Noir : écrin rotatif pour montre automatique
  • SwissKubik : remontoir montre automatique Masterbox Aluminium Noir 8 montres
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Designed to accommodate up to eight automatic watches, the Masterbox Black Aluminium 8 Watch Winder is a unique accessory for your favourite timepieces. Although distinctly sophisticated, this winder for automatic watches is not just for show. Its advanced technology keeps the rotor moving even when you're not wearing it, guaranteeing your self-winding mechanical watch unparalleled precision.
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6.63 kg


40x10x20 cm

8 watches

Power supply
Electric and/or LR14 / 1.5 V batteries (C)

3 years

Via USB Type-C and/or Bluetooth


The result of the finest Swiss watchmaking expertise, the Masterbox Black Aluminium 8 Watch Winder is made from high quality materials to guarantee optimal durability.

At the cutting edge of technology, our automatic watch winder is equipped with 8 optical scanners that count the precise number of revolutions made. Complete with Bluetooth connection, you can easily set custom rotation cycles (standard setting of 1,200 revolutions per day).

Both functional and eye-catching, our winder for automatic watches is distinctly sophisticated. Its refined, minimalist lines make the Masterbox a design piece in its own right, ideal for the most contemporary of watches.

Masterbox : remontoir pour montre automatique noir en aluminium

Technical innovation

Our automatic watch winders have an optical reader that precisely counts the number of revolutions, allowing you to personalise the rotation cycles. Equipped with an optical reader, our Masterbox automatic watch winders allow you to personalise rotation cycles, adapting to the needs of all self-winding mechanical watches. Allying precision with innovation, our winders are a tailor-made solution that meets the highest expectations. With Bluetooth connectivity, they can be configured via our mobile app, making them easy to use in daily life.

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Remontoir pour montre automatique automatique en aluminium noir

Aluminium coated for lasting strength

We anodise the aluminium coating on our automatic watch winders, a surface treatment that creates a uniquely resistant result and a peerless aesthetic.

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Ecrin rotatif pour montre automatique en aluminium noir

Programmablerotation cycles

Remontoir à montre avec cycles de rotations programmablesRemontoir à montre avec cycles de rotations programmables

Thanks to integrated Bluetooth functionality, our watch winders can be easily configured via a mobile application.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between the Startbox and Masterbox automatic watch winders?

While both are designed to protect your timepiece and keep it on time, the Masterbox and Startbox automatic watch winders differ in their design and functionality:

  • Startbox: Measuring 11 x 11 x 11 cm, this perfect cube stands out for its ease of use, operating as soon as it is switched on. With a rotation cycle of 1,200 revolutions per day, the Startbox winder is suitable for most automatic watches.
  • Masterbox: With advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, this winder allows you to customise rotation cycles according to your desired use via our app (with a standard cycle of 1,200 revolutions per day). With each winder measuring 10 x 10 x 10 cm, the Masterbox is available in a wide range of materials, and can fit 1 to 12 watches depending on the model.
    Completely transportable, both the Startbox and Masterbox watch winders operate on batteries, meaning you can store yours wherever you want – —even in a safe.

Completely transportable, both the Startbox and Masterbox watch winders operate on batteries, meaning you can store yours wherever you want – —even in a safe.

How do I choose an automatic watch holder?

For your automatic watch to fit into the winder properly, you'll need to choose the right sized watch holder. To choose the most suitable size for your automatic watch, we recommend checking the size guide when making your order.

How does the power supply work in SwissKubik automatic watch winders?

The power supply for your SwissKubik automatic watch winder will depend on the model you own.

  • Startbox: This winder runs exclusively on batteries (2 C 1.5 volt alkaline batteries – —we recommend using Duracell Procell batteries for their quality.)
  • Masterbox: Offering greater power versatility, this winder runs either on mains power or batteries (2 C 1.5 volt alkaline batteries – —as with the Startbox, we recommend using Duracell Procell batteries, but others brands also work). The Masterbox demonstrates built-in intelligence by automatically detecting a mains power source: when plugged in, it automatically switches to mains power, preserving its battery life. Similarly, as soon as the watch winder is unplugged from the mains, it automatically resumes battery operation for uninterrupted use.
    Please note that the USB-C port is a simple power supply used to plug your watch winder into the mains; it cannot be used to recharge batteries. It can also be used to programme your winder via our Mac/Windows app.

Whether you opt for the Startbox or Masterbox automatic watch winder, we recommend that you do not use rechargeable batteries.

How do I connect my Masterbox automatic watch winder to my phone?

You can connect to the Masterbox automatic watch winder via Bluetooth using our mobile app. When you turn on your Masterbox watch winder, Bluetooth is automatically activated. To connect as quickly as possible, open the Bluetooth settings on your phone in advance, and then turn on your Masterbox watch winder.

When the Masterbox name appears under your available devices, click on it to connect.

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Take care of your automatic watch collection with our Masterbox watch winders. Designed with care and expertise by our craftsmen in Switzerland, our winders incorporate the latest technical innovations to keep your timepieces maintained and protected.

  • Programming via our mobile app
  • Bluetooth and/or USB-C connection
  • Wireless control, making our winders easy to store in a safe